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Simonstone St Peter's Church Of England Primary School

School Rules

Each teacher negoiates class rules with their class which are appropriate to the age and maturity of the children. These are the more general school rules for your information.

School Rules 2022 - 23

Mission Statement – ‘Keys to Faith and Knowledge’

As it is the start of our new academic year, we would like to remind you of our general school rules.

  • No jewellery should be worn at all in school. This includes all types of earrings and rubber bracelets/bands.
  • School uniform is very important and should be worn at all times. Please ensure that all items of uniform and school coats are clearly labelled to avoid the lost property box from overflowing!
  • Please ensure that children wear sensible footwear at all times. Trainers and high heels are not acceptable. Children will be requested to wear their black PE pumps if they do not adhere to this rule.
  • Trousers may be worn by girls in the winter months but they must be grey or black school trousers and not fashion trousers.
  • No toys of any kind are allowed in school.
  • No mobile phones or any electronic games should be brought to school.
  • Please do not leave Key Stage 2 children at school prior to 8.45am as the gates are locked and there is no supervision until this time. Please contact school for details of the OOSE provision if necessary.
  • Please make sure your child is ready to enter school at 8.55 am every morning promptly. As with attendance, school has to keep records of late pupils and these are reported and monitored.
  • In KS2; please adhere to the ‘Dismissal of pupils at the end of the school day’ Policy.
  • In KS1; when children are collected they must be supervised by parents at all times and we kindly request that they respect the school grounds and property; as they would during the school day.
  • Please do not dye your child’s hair and avoid any extreme haircuts – this includes threaded hair braids; shaved head/hair patterns and partings.   Hair gel should not be used – it is not appropriate during the school day.
  • Hair longer than collar length should be tied back at all times and in certain activities (baking, DT, PE etc) a child may be requested to tie back their hair for hygiene or safety purposes; this applies to both boys and girls.
  • Nail varnish and tattoo transfers should not be worn.
  • Key Stage 2 pupils may bring in a pencil case or stationary equipment to school but school is not responsible for any missing items.
  • Please try to avoid any absences during term time as this can hinder your child’s progress. Head Teachers are unable to authorise absences for holiday leave during term time in line with DFE guidance.
  • Large bags cause storage problems, please be mindful of this and use school book bags or a  small rucksack if possible.


On behalf of all the staff and Governors may I thank for your support and assistance in helping to keep our children happy and safe in school.