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Simonstone St Peter's Church Of England Primary School

Extra Curricular Activities

After School Clubs

We offer a variety of clubs to enhance the PE curriculum and personal development of the children.


Clubs currently running:


KS2 Dance Club

Coding Club


In recent years we have offered the following clubs to children:

Year 5/6 Striking and Fielding club Year 3/4 Multi-sports club Year 1/2 Mini Olympics club KS1 Football Club (Accrington Stanley FC) KS1 Multi-Sports Club (Acc Stanley FC)
Year 4 5 & 6 Archery clubs KS 2 Netball club Year 5/6 Football club Year 5/6 Ultimate Frisbee Year 3/4 Tri-Golf
Year 1/2 Street Dance club Year 2 - 6 Cricket clubs Year 1/2 Athletics club Year 4 -6 Cross Country Running club Year 5/6 Cookery club
Year 1/2 Christmas Craft club Year 1/2 Easter Craft club Year 3/4 Christmas Craft club Reception Mini Olympics club KS 2 Choir
KS2 Gamebuilding (Jam Coding) Club KS1 Gamebuilding (Jam Coding) Club  Class 4 team Sports  


Burnley Music Centre runs at St Leonard's primary school, in Padiham, on Tuesdays from 4-8pm, come and develop your music skills and join the fun. Ensemble activities cost is £25 a term, and come under our Silver Membership, for this pupils can do as many groups as they like, for example Brazilian samba drumming and guitar group (beginners and ukuleles welcome). Instrumental lessons start from £7.50 a week. Please go to our website to find out more and register:

 Some pupils may be entitled to free lessons, ensembles, and instrument hire. The criteria can be found here: