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Simonstone St Peter's Church Of England Primary School

Our Eco-Club

 Our 'eco-council' help promote looking after the world we live in as well as making the most of our school grounds.   Here are just some of the activities we do in school:

The Eco Team - 2023 - 2024

Plastic free pledge

Here at Simonstone we are committed to being as plastic free as we can! So far we have introduced refillable water bottles, refillable glue sticks and pens and we have created outdoor benches made from recycled plastic! 

Let's free where we live from single-use, one plastic bottle at a time!

We are supporting READSTONE ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP with this community project.

click here for more information

Collaboration with Ribblesdale High School!  Well done to our 'litter' poster winners! Here they are receiving their prize from the Eco team at Ribblesdale! #inspiration

Eco Councillors' Quotes

"I am excited to work with Mrs Wood and look after nature."

"I wanted to be on Eco council to plant things and watch them grow."

"I have wanted to be on Eco council for years and I am so proud that I get to work with Mrs Wood and look after wildlife and save the planet."

"I want to help Mrs Wood in the conservation area."

"I am looking forward to creating beautiful outdoor areas for our school."

"I wanted to be on Eco council because I like plans and recycling and looking after our world."

"I wanted to be on Eco council because it sounds like so much fun and I love helping my Grandma in the garden. I am really looking forward to helping Mrs wood in the conservation area."

What we have been up to so far...

Our Eco team have been very busy since September from harvesting sweetcorn to helping the environment by building a bug hotel and getting involved with Readstone Environmntal Group's Pollinator Project. They have been looking after the birds in our school grounds and taking part in the 2022 Big Schools' Birdwatch.


Home Learning Eco Activities - Follow this link to some activities you could do at home.



Life on the Farm with Mrs Wood

Whilst the country is in lockdown, life on the farm needs to continue as normal for Mr and Mrs Wood! Check in to see the daily updates on farm tasks and lambing!! 

a new arrival

It's a BOY!!!

Lambing LIVE!!

more Lambing LIVE!!