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Simonstone St Peter's Church Of England Primary School

Holiday in Term Time Application

If you are considering taking your child away during term time, please make sure that you complete the HOLIDAY REQUEST form and return to School prior to booking your holiday.


Reasons why you should not take your child out of school in term time:


  • Evidence shows that even small amounts of absence from school can affect your child’s progress and attainment.


  • The education of your child could be disrupted both prior to and after any leave, causing them to fall behind and struggling to catch up.


  • For every week of school a child misses, they lose 25 hours of education which can never be regained.


  • Approximately every 6 weeks your child gets a holiday from school, therefore you should use this time to take your child on holiday.


  • If you choose to take your child on holiday in term time without permission, you may be issued with a penalty notice.