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Simonstone St Peter's Church Of England Primary School

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3's Page!

Miss Fitzpatrick is Class 3's teacher and teaches alongside our wonderful teaching assistants Mrs Wood, Mrs Topham and Mrs Mathers.

We have 36 children in our mixed year three and four class and we work on a two year cycle so that we have lots of variety in our studies.


Working in our mixed year 3 and 4 pairs ensures we have an understanding of each others needs.  As a result, we are always eager to demonstrate patience, love and kindness to our peers on a daily basis. We are often reminded that everyone has a strength and learns differently, therefore our chosen Christian value is 'Respect.' We aim to always try our best and nurture our friendships by working together as a Christian family day in day out.

Our Christian Value- RESPECT

Take Delight in Honouring Others
Romans 12:10- Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other.

For our church artwork, we chose to create an owl to represent respect.

Our classroom door: In Class 3 we are 'Blooming with Respect' for each other.  

Our chosen hymn to support our class value is 'Here I am, to worship.'

We believe this hymn supports our vision to respect God and everything in the wonderful world he has created. 

Our Calm Corner

Prayer Table and Reflection Area

In the corner of our room we have a calm corner. Here children are able to: sit quietly, read and write prayers; read for pleasure; look through our RE book; calm down with sensory toys or mindfulness colouring; write a good deed they have witnessed in the 'Kindness Box' or write any concerns they may have in the 'Worry Box'. We read the kindness box every Friday and celebrate the respect we have shown one another. We try to encourage the children to visit the calm corner once a day.

Our Artist of the Term

Anna Lewis- Sketchy Muma

We will be look at Anna's work and unpick what core values her artwork represents.  Values such as kindness, compassion, respect, empathy and love. The children will be using her artwork as inspiration to create their own sketches based on living out our school vision day to day.

Copyright: Anna Lewis 2015 Sketchy Muma

⭐️ Our finished display- the children displayed fantastic understanding of core life values ⭐️

Key Learning Information

'Building a firm foundation based on faith and knowledge to enrich life's journey.'


Curriculum and Expectations

Curriculum Map Spring 2022

Curriculum Map Autumn 2021

End of Year Expectations Year 3

End of Year Expectations Year 4


Pick and Mix Homework Spring B

PE Day: Friday 

Please wear outdoor kit and bring a waterproof jacket.

 Wild Wellie Wednesday: Alternative Wednesdays

Please bring wellies and a waterproof jacket.

Ukulele: Monday

Instruments to be brought into school every Monday

Multiplication and spelling assessments to be completed every Friday

Books to be brought into school

 Homework Pick and Mix to be sent out at the beginning of each term.

This terms deadline: 28th February 2022


Useful Links 

IDL log in:

Your child's log in information is at the front of their spelling book.


Outdoor Activities- Here are some activities that you can try at home on top of your Pick and Mix Homework.

Try and complete the activities/collect items on your walk for our prayer table.


Picture Gallery Day to Day life in Class 3
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Improving our digital literacy skills using google maps -‘Building a firm foundation based on faith and knowledge’ 

Acting out Kensuke’s kingdom by the campfire-‘ learning with confidence.’ 

Some budding scientists taking part in the science roadshow -‘ fulfil our dreams’ 

Making bird feeders in our new outdoor class room ready for RSPB big garden bird watch-‘valuing the world we share’ 

Some extremely happy faces after a visit from the Sugar Plum Fairy and her two cheeky elves-‘ enrich life’s journey’ 

Freeze frames to show how the Shepard’s might have felt to be in the presence of Jesus-‘ Building a firm foundation based on faith and knowledge to enrich life’s journey.’ 

December fun-‘ nurturing our friendships’ 

Mucky Maths (too wet to be completed outside this week!) -‘ working together as a Christian family’ 

Raising money for BBC children in Need   -‘ Building a firm foundation based on faith and knowledge to enrich life’s journey.’ 

Welcome to Narnia- ‘Working together a a Christian family to achieve our best’ 

Remembrance Day , Lest we forget -‘ Building a firm foundation based on faith and knowledge’ 

Designing and creating more reflection artwork with Edward Foster-‘ learn to connect with God’ 

Seasonal sketching Wellie Wednesday- ‘valuing the world we share’ 

Therapy dog cuddles -‘ enrich life’s journey’ 

Visiting Accrington Stanley’s WHAM stadium-1-‘ Enrich life’s journey.’ 

Concrete and Pictorial Maths-  'Building a firm foundation based on faith and knowledge.’ 

Autumn term Lego club! -‘ Learning with confidence to fulfill our dreams’ 

Mrs Altman visited us to discuss how herself and those of a Jewish faith celebrate Harvest- ‘connect with God through valuing the world we share.’ 

We scaled our conservation Sukkah down and created models for our window display - ‘ working together as a Christian family to achieve.’ 

Building our Sukkah ( with out multi- faith project managers ) to celebrate the Jewish festival of Sukkot - ‘working together as a Christian family’ 

Our fantastic shared writing during our fable writing workshop -‘ working together as a Christian family  to achieve our best’  

Acting out Fables in English - ‘learning with confidence.’ 

Harvest Themed Wellie Wednesday - 'We learn to connect with God through valuing the world we share.'

Concrete and Pictorial Maths-  'Working together as a Christian family to achieve our best.'

Music with Mr Galea- 'Learning with confidence to fulfil our dreams. '

Creating our artwork with Edward  Foster
We chose an Owl to represent 'Respect' and are creating a Woodland creature to represent the wonderful world we live in.

Celebrating the Euros final  'Valuing the world we share'

European Sports Day for our school funds- 'Nurturing our friendships.'

SPORTS DAY -- 'Working together as a Christian family to achieve our best'

A big hello to Class 3 April 2020

I would first of all like to say a big hello to you and your parents. My name is Miss Fitzpatrick, and when the world returns to normal (which I am hoping is really soon) I am going to be your new teacher. I am really excited to meet you all again and for us to have lots of fun learning together in Class Three! 

Here is a little photo so you know what I look like :)

Children, I know you have lots of activities to be keeping you busy but the most important thing you need to be doing at this time is to be looking after yourselves. You are going to go down in History (how cool is that?) as the children who had to FREEZE their learning and stay indoors. When you are old enough to tell the tale, you will be able to talk about all the extra time you got to spend learning new things at home.  So please, as well as completing the work in your home learning packs, do play outside, watch your favourite TV program, learn a new skill, make something, dance, play and find time to do something fun! If you like, you can send me an email with all the lovely things that you are doing on top of your home learning.  (I love cake so I am learning how to cook lots of yummy treats!)

Parents, I know you may be worried about your child's progress and attainment during this time. Please be mindful that every child in the world's education has been put on hold, currently no child is ahead and no child is behind.  Each child is exactly where they need to be- at home with you.

Just manage what you can and know we are working through this really difficult time together. 

 Stay safe and see you soon

Miss Fitzpatrick

An AMAZING effort made for the Homework Project on Roman Villas

Math's Fun on Wild Welly Wednesday 09.10.19

We always work hard in Class 3